72 Hours in London

72 hours in London is just enough time to eat, drink, bike from Tower Bridge to Notting Hill, go to a carnival, eat, drink, drink some more, see some sights, and get lost.
London started off on a bad foot, really quite literally.  I couldn’t seem to figure out the tube or bus* and taxis wouldn’t stop for me, so I ended up walking 6 miles or so my first night, in flip flops (this is becoming a theme).  I did, however, have some killer Indian food with my cousin near Covent Gardens at Strand Tandori (45 Bedford Street, London WC2E 9HA).
Given that it was a Sunday, all the pubs closed early, so my attempt to get a drink with Jude ended in many bartenders telling us, “Sorry, we’re closed.”  That is, all but The Hide Bar (39-45 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3XF).  They had really nice cocktails and the waiter told us a bunch of cool restaurants and bars to check out.  He claimed that Bermondsey Street had some of the best restaurants in the city: José, Zucca, Pizarro, and Casse Croût.  He also recommended Happiness Forgets and The Zetter Townhouse in Shoreditch.
Monday morning, we returned to Bermondsey Street and I had my first proper latte in nearly a month at Bermondsey Street Coffee (163 – 167 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UW).  I also ate their yogurt and granola combo that was seriously amazing.  I generally am not that excited about yogurt and granola, but it was worth going back for.  (Unfortunately, they had a different one on Tuesday.)
Stay tuned for more about José, Zucca, the Notting Hill Carnival, the Borough Market, and how the London bike share program measures up to the vélib.
*For those going to London, download the “London Tube” and “Bus London” apps.  I would have been much better off had I had these the whole time I was in London!
© Sarah Milstein 2013