Paris, Semaine 8, Partie 2

Jude and I decided to climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe for some night photography.  It probably would have been wise if I had charged my camera battery before embarking on the adventure, but I got some decent shots in before my camera died completely.

Once the sun started to go down, the tourists started swarming like bees to watch the Tour Eiffel twinkle.  So we headed towards the Seine for a better view.  We caught the Tour Eiffle sparkling again at 23h, and a glimpse of an amazing orange moon.  Then my camera died.  I liked the blurry photo of the moon the best as it seemed to capture how tired I was at the time.

© Sarah Milstein 2013

Bastille Day!

Bastille day began with brunch at Café Charlot, followed by sun bathing at the Jardin du Luxembourg.  Apparently a few other people had this idea, as well.

Fast forward a few hours, we walked (pretty much the theme of the day) around Saint-Germain, then to dinner near the Tuileries, and then to the Tour Eiffel for fireworks, which didn’t start until 11 p.m.  Here’s a cornucopia of things we saw along the way:

So between my 5’3″ frame, the trees, the light post, and the swarms of people standing in front of me, my photographs of the fireworks leave much to be desired.  So instead of boring you with those, I’m presenting you with this YouTube video.  Clearly this person had a better view.  Thank you, jyv110.

© Sarah Milstein 2013 (except for the YouTube video, credit to jyv110).