Photography Classes, Partie 3

Here are some more photographs from my portrait and commercial photography classes that I took and/or collaborated on, as indicated below.

Photography and light painting by Sarah Milstein, Christiane Creixell, and Elizaveta Bakunina.  Light source: iPhone.

Photography by Sarah Milstein.  Light source: softbox.

I took the following photograph using a 10 second exposure and popping the flash 3 times.  I did not use any photo editing software on this image, it’s straight from the camera!

Photography by Sarah Milstein.  Light source: softbox.

Photography by Sara Stevanovic and Sarah Milstein.

Photography by Sarah Milstein.

Finally, comic musings of Janine Murphy and me, inspired by Irving Penn.  Technically, this is not from this week — we took this in our introduction class.

Photography by Janine Murphy and Sarah Milstein.

Here are some behind the scene photographs of my food shoot.

© Sarah Milstein 2013

Photography Classes, Partie 2

This week is flying by since I have a commercial photography class every morning, and a portrait class every afternoon.  The commercial class is, sorry to say, pretty boring/frustrating, but I think I have learned a lot and have a new appreciation for photographs of objects in magazines.  Shooting glass, metal, and porcelain are a nightmare.  Getting the camera perfectly parallel to the table, balancing all of the stands, blocking the right amount of light, creating the perfect amount of highlights — these are things that all take a lot of patience.  A quality I unfortunately do not have much of.

The portrait class was really fun and we learned some great techniques.  My favorite was light painting.  This was super easy (well, relatively speaking) and you can even do it at home.  If you want to know how, visit here.  I think my favorite part was that I donned a black cloak while “painting” so as not to get in the frame myself.  Here is one of my “paintings.”  I actually did this in my apartment just now with my iPhone, sitting on my floor, with my camera on the table.  It doesn’t get more ghetto than this!

Finally, you might remember that I mentioned a few weeks back that I was “styling food” on the set.  Here is one of the shots we did.

Photography and styling by Janine Murphy and Sarah Milstein.

More photos to come…

© Sarah Milstein 2013

Paris, Semaine 5

My fifth week in Paris coincided with the start of my second month here, the commencement of my photography classes at Speos, the Fourth of July, my first meetup event, and most importantly, the sun shining brightly!  I actually had plans almost every night for a change, which was great.

Speos.  This week I took Introduction to Studio Photography at Speos.  By the end of the week, I was confident that I could set the equipment up without breaking anything (including my fingers).  As for taking a well-lit photo, I’m still working on that.  I’m not sure that the professor appreciated me eating on the set, but I claimed to be “styling” the food for our last object shoot.  But really, I was.  I was inspired by Irving Penn.  And really, you can’t get a good glimpse of the inside of a sandwich without taking a giant bite out of it.  Unfortunately, those photographs are not on my camera, but perhaps they will make an appearance here later.

Frenchie to Go.  I met the pastry chef of Frenchie to Go on the Fourth of July and she recommended the blueberry muffins, which are made with wild blueberries.  Perfect size, and pretty delic.  A good call, for sure.

A Belated Fourth of July BBQ.  This cake happened on Saturday, and it was delicious.

Pétanque-a-Donk.  I cannot take credit for the name; it was just the name of the meetup event I went to at Parc de la Villette, where we played pétanque.  I had no idea this gem existed.  There’s a carousel, swings, “horse drawn” bicycles (featured below), lots of picnic areas, a canal, restaurants, and drum roll s’il vous plaît, broken toilets.  Later in the summer they show Cinéma en Plein Air.  I will definitely be back.  Hopefully the toilets will be fixed by then.

Bastille MarchéSince my last post about this market was a little sad in the photography department, I’m giving you another glimpse here.  The photos of the bread cost me one baguette and the vendor made me take a picture with him.  I suppose it was a fair price to pay seeing as I ate half the loaf before I even made it home.

To round off the already perfect week, my friend, Claudia, and I walked around Le Marais and stopped to eat at Le Voltigeur, my new favorite place for quiche.

© Sarah Milstein 2013