Paros Boat Tour

I definitely recommend taking a boat tour around the island.  The water was ridiculously clear–it was like swimming in a pool, minus the salt water in the eyes part.



© Sarah Milstein 2017

Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

I just got back from spending two weeks in Japan with my cousin’s family who lives there.  I was in Niseko, which is about a two-hour drive from the New Chitose airport in Hokkaido, for a little over a week.  The highlights included making Snapchat videos with my cousin’s kids, watching this ridiculous YouTube video, playing Heads Up, eating homemade sushi, sukiyaki, and gyoza, wandering about, skiing at the Grand Hirafu, and relaxing at a few different Onsen.  I’m pretty sure I made a memorable impression on one of my ski instructors when we were going through the first lift, and only one leg made it through before the bar closed and he had to lift my leg over the bar so I could pass through to reach the lift.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Clearly, I’m an advanced skier.








© Sarah Milstein 2017

Shark’s Cove, Oahu

Since it is apparently World Photo Day, I felt I should post more photos from Oahu.  Below are some photos from Shark’s Cove on the North Shore, where we snorkeled.  Street parking was much easier to find than we had expected, and there were some places to rent snorkels and buy fish tacos across the street, which was a bonus.  The snorkeling wasn’t the best–I think we saw more flippers in the water than fish, but it was still incredibly beautiful!

IMG_3471IMG_3479IMG_3472© Sarah Milstein 2016


Route 72, Oahu

It’s weird to think that a week ago today, I was traveling around Oahu, and getting out of the car every mile or so to take photos.  Below are some that I took between Waikiki Beach and Kailua, along Route 72 (Kalanianaʻole Highway).




© Sarah Milstein 2016

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Every time people talked about Buenos Aires, I pictured neighborhoods with bright colored houses.  Little did I know, those bright colored houses are only in a small (and very touristy) part of the La Boca neighborhood.  We stopped in Fundación Proa, a cultural center in La Boca, for lunch.  Proa has a great café, where you can lounge on comfortable couches on a rooftop, surrounded by a bright blue wall that looks like the ocean.


© Sarah Milstein 2016




Japanese Garden, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We went to the Japanese Garden in Palermo (a neighborhood that seems to be larger than San Francisco), with the hopes of having a picnic, but apparently that’s not allowed.  Even though the garden was bustling with small children and tourists, I somehow managed to take a photo of the bridge without any tourists on it.





© Sarah Milstein 2016

Laguna Capri, El Chaltén, Argentina

On New Year’s Eve, Clau and I hiked to Laguna Capri, which is about halfway to Laguna de los Tres, near the base of Mt. Fitz Roy.  I had my sights set on hiking all the way there, but the eight-hour trek is supposedly very grueling, and after our six-hour hike the day before, seemed a little ambitious.  If I were to do it again, I would stay in El Chaltén for several more days.  Just another reason to go back!

On the bright side, we finished hiking early, relaxed in a biergarten, and met awesome people who we celebrated new year’s with!







© Sarah Milstein 2016