Point Reyes, California

And now, my favorite part of the road trip to Point Reyes Lighthouse: The cows!

Take Sir Francis Drake Boulevard for what feels like an eternity.  Once you arrive at the Lighthouse parking lot, walk 0.4 miles up the hill.  There’s another sign at the top warning visitors that the climb to the Lighthouse is the equivalent of a 30-story building.  I thought that was an exaggeration until I had to climb back up it.  Bring a bottle of water and a jacket, it was windy!

© Sarah Milstein 2014

Santa Cruz

So much for my new years’ resolution of weekly blog posts.  Here’s a belated one!  I spent the day in Santa Cruz, where we strolled down the beach, and I got to meet new family members (or at least, new to me).

© Sarah Milstein 2014