Photography Classes, Partie 3

Here are some more photographs from my portrait and commercial photography classes that I took and/or collaborated on, as indicated below.

Photography and light painting by Sarah Milstein, Christiane Creixell, and Elizaveta Bakunina.  Light source: iPhone.

Photography by Sarah Milstein.  Light source: softbox.

I took the following photograph using a 10 second exposure and popping the flash 3 times.  I did not use any photo editing software on this image, it’s straight from the camera!

Photography by Sarah Milstein.  Light source: softbox.

Photography by Sara Stevanovic and Sarah Milstein.

Photography by Sarah Milstein.

Finally, comic musings of Janine Murphy and me, inspired by Irving Penn.  Technically, this is not from this week — we took this in our introduction class.

Photography by Janine Murphy and Sarah Milstein.

Here are some behind the scene photographs of my food shoot.

© Sarah Milstein 2013