Exploratorium, San Francisco

Whether you’re an actual kid, or just a kid trapped in an adult’s body, there is something to entertain you at the Exploratorium. You know when you are at a museum and the security guard gives you a dirty look because your pinky toe has crossed the red line and you’re too close to the art? Well, the Exploratorium is not that museum.

I think my favorite part of the day was when we were looking at termite larvae (gross!), and my friend said, “This is awesome,” and a little girl repeated, “This IS awesome!”  Future scientist or Orkin woman?  Only time will tell.  I was more excited by the flashing lights and magnetic sand than with the bacteria and larvae.

Exploratorium, Pier 15 (Embarcadero at Green Street), San Francisco, California 94111.  Click here for directions!

© Sarah Milstein 2014