Drawing Fall

New drawings!  As forewarned, my Flora Grubb ficus lyrata started losing some leaves just in time for Fall, so I decided to draw my favorite leaf.

© Sarah Milstein 2014

More Drawings

This morning I sat down at Ritual Coffee Roasters with a latte and a bag full of colored pencils and my Sharpie, and drew 2 more things from 712 More Things to Draw.

If you want to see more of my art, click here.

© Sarah Milstein 2014

The Busy Mockingbird

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and stumbled across these amazing collaborative drawings by Mica Angela Hendricks and her 4-year old daughter.  I’m not the only one enamored with these drawings though–she’s received considerable publicity.  It’s obvious why: They are simply so well-executed, imaginative, and visually delicious.  To see more, check out her blog busymockingbird.com.  If you like them, you can even buy prints here!

Republished with permission from Ms. Hendricks.