La Patache & Le Perchoir, Paris

After walking to Canal St. Martin the other day to check out a restaurant I read about on this awesome blog, I was bummed, but not surprised, to see that it was closed for August.  I’ve started to accept the fact that regardless whether a restaurant has a website, it does not mention whether it is closed in August, on said website.  It just lists its normal business hours.  Sigh.

So, I was left to my own devices and after wandering a bit, peaked through the window of La Patache (Rue de Lancry, 75010) and saw three women eating roasted chicken and potatoes.  Done.  I ordered the same and it was delicious.  Actually, the potatoes were pretty heavenly.

Saturday, my friend scored a reservation at Le Perchoir (Rue Crespin du Gast, 75011).  The rooftop bar reminded me a little of High at Hotel Erwin in Venice, California.  Only, instead of the Pacific Ocean, there are panoramic views of Paris, freshly sliced charcuterie, absinthe, abundant wine, and an amazing restaurant just one floor down.  The only option is a prix fixe, which comprised of 8 dishes, each possibly better than the previous (sea bass sashimi, ahi tuna, roasted eggplant, veal, roasted potatoes, tomato provençal, cantalope soup, and a berry variation of mille-feuille).  However, if you ask my friend, the tuna was the best.  It did come atop a giant potato chip like thing.

© Sarah Milstein 2013

Canal St. Martin, Paris

I came across this article, which proves to be an excellent insider guide to Canal St. Martin in the 10th arrondissement.  I actually got lost here my first week in Paris, but somehow managed to miss the amazing streets, stores, and restaurants . . . and I thought I was by the other side of the Seine.  Um, let me just tell you, there is only one Seine running through Paris.  So needless to say, I’m a moron.

Like the article suggests, definitely meander along Rue des Vinaigriers.  There are tons of cute restaurants and stores (although many are closed for most, if not all, of August).  We had just finished a giant lunch in Le Marais, so we weren’t really up for eating.  We did, however, stop for a cappuccino at 10 Belles (on rue de la Grange aux Belles).  The barista was probably as cute as the cappuccino was strong.

If you’re lucky, you will get to watch the canal fill up and the locks at work, and see a boat pass through.

© Sarah Milstein 2013