New Orleans, Louisiana

I’m finally getting around to posting about my trip to New Orleans in January with Greg.  It’s such a crazy place, where on Bourbon Street, there’s live music practically every 10 feet, and bars offering 3-for-1 shots everywhere you turn, and yet, just one block over on Royal Street, stores are filled with pricey antiques, chandeliers, and original Picasso and Chagall paintings.

My friend gave me a Cliff Notes list of places to eat at and things to do in NOLA, given our short visit.  I did my best to hit everything on the list, from a self-guided tour of gluttony that included stops at Cochon and Café du Monde, through the Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery, along Royal and Magazine Streets for art and antiques, and to Frenchmen Street to listen to live music.

Although Café du Monde is open 24-hours a day (and worthy of the hype), I wouldn’t recommend drinking a café au lait at night unless you want to stay up.  Also, when ordering a muffuletta, you might want to share it.  I didn’t even come close to finishing the one I ordered at Parasol’s!

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