Paros Boat Tour

I definitely recommend taking a boat tour around the island.  The water was ridiculously clear–it was like swimming in a pool, minus the salt water in the eyes part.



© Sarah Milstein 2017

Lake Tahoe, California

Jen and I left San Francisco on Thursday after work to spend the Fourth of July in Lake Tahoe.  Even though it took over 5 hours to get there, we went on an awesome boat ride with friends on Friday that made leaving the night before totally worth it.  We went from Lake Forest Road in Tahoe City to Emerald Bay State Park in South Lake Tahoe, where we got off the boat for a bit and got our toes wet.  The water was freezing, I wasn’t nearly as brave as the kids jumping off the side of the island.  But it was a great day for looking at clouds–Tahoe was definitely showing us some love!

© Sarah Milstein 2015

Santa Cruz

So much for my new years’ resolution of weekly blog posts.  Here’s a belated one!  I spent the day in Santa Cruz, where we strolled down the beach, and I got to meet new family members (or at least, new to me).

© Sarah Milstein 2014