Ajaccio, Corsica

Based on Garance Doré’s blog, we headed to Capo di Feno on the northern tip of Ajaccio on Sunday before our flight.  Who doesn’t like boarding a plane covered in sunscreen and sea salt?  Okay, maybe me.  But our flight was so delayed, I think I was actually clean by the time we boarded.

To get to this beach from the main road, you have to drive down a narrow, rugged path (it’s two ways, I promise).  You’ll pass some horses and barbed wire.  Keep going.  At the end, you’ll see a parking lot and an amazing view.  You’ve arrived!

Since you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s good they have a restaurant on the beach.  However, if you want prime front row seating, you have to make a reservation.  You should definitely come with an appetite as the portions are enormous.

This was one of the nicer beaches we went to.  The beach itself was very wide with tons of room to spread out.  The water was shallow for a long ways out and is perfect for swimming and/or paddle boarding.  Although you wouldn’t know from these photos, there were waves.  I swear.  Lots of people were surfing and body boarding.  The waves are fairly calm though, so don’t come expecting to catch a big swell!

We walked around Ajaccio after laying on the beach, but seeing as it was Sunday, most things were closed.  So we headed to the beach right next to the airport, where we drank beers before our flight.

© Sarah Milstein 2013