Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco

I’ve always wanted to check out the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.  By the time I got to the park, the fog had cleared, and the park was filled with children learning to ride bikes, and people rollerskating, playing music, reading, picnicking, and out enjoying the perfect weather.  The Conservatory of Flowers has a special butterfly exhibit going on through the end of June that I definitely recommend!  I took all of these photographs in the Butterflies and Blooms exhibit.







© Sarah Milstein 2017


Ocean Beach, San Francisco

It was so foggy when I got to the beach that I couldn’t even see where the water ended and the sky began, but it was fun walking through the mist.






© Sarah Milstein 2017

Cataract Falls, California

Who knew just an hour north of San Francisco, you could see a mirrored lake, and waterfalls and greenery straight out of Oregon?  I highly recommend checking out Cataract Falls, near Mt. Tam, off Bolinas-Fairfax Road.  We did a 7.7 mile hike, combining various trails (although my iPhone seems to think we did closer to ten miles).  Thanks to the recent rain, the waterfalls were pretty amazing, and even had their own paparazzi!







© Sarah Milstein 2016



McClures Beach, Point Reyes

Yesterday, I went on an adventure to Point Reyes with my friend Mara.  We stopped at the visitor’s center and the guide recommended heading 19 miles north in the park towards the Tule Elk Preserve.  She advised us against going if we could see that it was foggy past the first bend, and it was, but we didn’t care–we were committed.  We decided to head to McClures Beach first, which is just down a hill from the trail head for the Tule Elk Preserve.  It’s a very short hike to the beach.  When we got there, it was white out–you could barely differentiate the sky from the water.  We watched the waves crash as did the birds, who squawked every time the tide came near their feet.  We walked to the south end of the beach, climbed through the rocks and discovered a second beach, where we climbed up onto some rocks and ate lunch.  When we came back through the narrow opening, the sun had appeared.

© Sarah Milstein 2015

Grand Lake – Oakland Farmers Market

I spent the day in Oakland yesterday and checked out the Grand Lake – Oakland Farmers Market, which is open year round on Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. on the corner of Grand Avenue and Lake Park Avenue.  With so many vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables, and samples a plenty, I’m not sure if it was a better experience for my camera or my taste buds.

© Sarah Milstein 2015

Fourth of July

Below are some photographs from hanging out on the beach in Lake Tahoe on the Fourth of July.  The sky was rumbling in the morning, and it rained briefly, but then despite the dismal weather report, it cleared up enough to hang out on the beach, eat hot dogs, and go kayaking!*

* Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera or phone on the kayak in the event either chose to go for a swim.

© Sarah Milstein 2015

Lake Tahoe, California

Jen and I left San Francisco on Thursday after work to spend the Fourth of July in Lake Tahoe.  Even though it took over 5 hours to get there, we went on an awesome boat ride with friends on Friday that made leaving the night before totally worth it.  We went from Lake Forest Road in Tahoe City to Emerald Bay State Park in South Lake Tahoe, where we got off the boat for a bit and got our toes wet.  The water was freezing, I wasn’t nearly as brave as the kids jumping off the side of the island.  But it was a great day for looking at clouds–Tahoe was definitely showing us some love!

© Sarah Milstein 2015

Norton Factory Studios, Oakland

Last night, I went to the open studios at Norton Factory Studios in Oakland to see my friend, Pablo Manga’s work.  You can check out the open studios this, and next weekend.  I was really impressed with all of the artists and loved that they let you into their space.  Below are some photos and information about some of my favorites.

There is such a fine line (literally and figuratively) between what makes abstract art aesthetically pleasing, and failing miserably.  I think Heather Day is totally aware of this line, even noting it on the wall next to her works in progress.  I tried to talk to her about this idea in an attempt to compliment her work, and likely miserably failed.  Sorry, Heather!

Lara Hoke’s delicate, and flowing pen strokes of people, animals, and objects, successfully capture the same movement that is in the accordion Moleskin Japanese Albums that she draws in.

Pablo Manga’s vibrant layered semi-transparent tape “paintings” project the same infectious happiness as he does.

Below are some photos of additional artists’ works I liked, with links to their websites.

Julia Marchand.

Katherine Meyer.

Elizabeth Zanzinger.

Kelly DeFayette.

Anna Valdez.

© Sarah Milstein 2015