Versailles Revisited

Versailles Revisited

Somehow this photo was lost on my original post about Versailles.  I’m pretty sure Louis XIV would be pissed if he knew I liked the fish more than the gold.

© Sarah Milstein 2013

Notre Dame & Versailles

Feeling patient?  Head to Notre Dame or Versailles and prepare to wait . . . maybe even for a few hours.  But, you never know, maybe you’ll even meet some interesting people along the way.  A well-traveled couple who brought their granddaughter to Paris kept me company in line, while waiting to climb the tower to the top of Notre Dame, and I spent the morning with an awesome couple on their honeymoon waiting to get into Versailles.  We parted company at the gardens, I figured three’s a crowd.

Notre Dame


© 2013 Sarah Milstein