Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, Paris

I recently got back from a two-week trip to five cities, where I somehow managed to squeeze in what felt like five separate vacations and take over 500 photographs.  While in Paris, I went to the Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen with a few friends that I made at the wedding (which was the impetus for the trip).  Even though I still can’t pronounce the name of the flea market correctly, it did not disappoint.  For more information about the Puces, which covers seven hectares, check out their official website here.

I went specifically to find a rug for my apartment, and a rug I did find!  While I was trying on vintage couture clothing that I absolutely did not need (nor did I buy), I told the shopkeeper that I wanted a rug and she personally walked me over to a shop with the most beautiful rugs, and I immediately fell in love.  There’s something about the lighting in Paris, where everything just looks better.  It could be that I refuse to take off my rose colored glasses while there.


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Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen, Paris

What can you find at the largest flea market in the world?  Probably more on a Saturday than on a Monday.  A lot of the stalls were closed, but we still managed to weave our way through antique shops, sit in cool chairs, photograph lots of tchotchkes, try on ridiculous hats, and ogle vintage dresses.

I would recommend starting at Au Grenier de Lucie, Allée 1, in Marché Vernaison.  The shop owners spoke English, gave us a map of the flea market, and broke down where we needed to go.  They also have an impressive collection of vintage Chanel, YSL, and other designers I’m not cool enough to know.

We hit up Tombees du Camion after.  Most of the following photographs were taken there.

You can also buy this creepy dentist chair with a flat mannequin cut-out.  (I forget which store this was.)

We ate lunch at Ma Cocotte, which I loved.  I thought it had a great atmosphere–although it felt more like it was in Napa, than Paris.  I ordered haricots verts en salade et pignons, and was surprised to find pine nuts instead of pigeon.  But it worked out, my friend and I split the green beans and the poulet fermier de challans à la broche pour moi tout seul; together it was the perfect lunch.  I think the ratings on Trip Adviser are a bit harsh.

The upstairs, which opens at night, looked very nice.

To get to the flea market, we followed these directions, which I’d recommend.

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Paris, Semaine 5

My fifth week in Paris coincided with the start of my second month here, the commencement of my photography classes at Speos, the Fourth of July, my first meetup event, and most importantly, the sun shining brightly!  I actually had plans almost every night for a change, which was great.

Speos.  This week I took Introduction to Studio Photography at Speos.  By the end of the week, I was confident that I could set the equipment up without breaking anything (including my fingers).  As for taking a well-lit photo, I’m still working on that.  I’m not sure that the professor appreciated me eating on the set, but I claimed to be “styling” the food for our last object shoot.  But really, I was.  I was inspired by Irving Penn.  And really, you can’t get a good glimpse of the inside of a sandwich without taking a giant bite out of it.  Unfortunately, those photographs are not on my camera, but perhaps they will make an appearance here later.

Frenchie to Go.  I met the pastry chef of Frenchie to Go on the Fourth of July and she recommended the blueberry muffins, which are made with wild blueberries.  Perfect size, and pretty delic.  A good call, for sure.

A Belated Fourth of July BBQ.  This cake happened on Saturday, and it was delicious.

Pétanque-a-Donk.  I cannot take credit for the name; it was just the name of the meetup event I went to at Parc de la Villette, where we played pétanque.  I had no idea this gem existed.  There’s a carousel, swings, “horse drawn” bicycles (featured below), lots of picnic areas, a canal, restaurants, and drum roll s’il vous plaît, broken toilets.  Later in the summer they show Cinéma en Plein Air.  I will definitely be back.  Hopefully the toilets will be fixed by then.

Bastille MarchéSince my last post about this market was a little sad in the photography department, I’m giving you another glimpse here.  The photos of the bread cost me one baguette and the vendor made me take a picture with him.  I suppose it was a fair price to pay seeing as I ate half the loaf before I even made it home.

To round off the already perfect week, my friend, Claudia, and I walked around Le Marais and stopped to eat at Le Voltigeur, my new favorite place for quiche.

© Sarah Milstein 2013