San Francisco Pride

© Sarah Milstein 2015

Norton Factory Studios, Oakland

Last night, I went to the open studios at Norton Factory Studios in Oakland to see my friend, Pablo Manga’s work.  You can check out the open studios this, and next weekend.  I was really impressed with all of the artists and loved that they let you into their space.  Below are some photos and information about some of my favorites.

There is such a fine line (literally and figuratively) between what makes abstract art aesthetically pleasing, and failing miserably.  I think Heather Day is totally aware of this line, even noting it on the wall next to her works in progress.  I tried to talk to her about this idea in an attempt to compliment her work, and likely miserably failed.  Sorry, Heather!

Lara Hoke’s delicate, and flowing pen strokes of people, animals, and objects, successfully capture the same movement that is in the accordion Moleskin Japanese Albums that she draws in.

Pablo Manga’s vibrant layered semi-transparent tape “paintings” project the same infectious happiness as he does.

Below are some photos of additional artists’ works I liked, with links to their websites.

Julia Marchand.

Katherine Meyer.

Elizabeth Zanzinger.

Kelly DeFayette.

Anna Valdez.

© Sarah Milstein 2015