Who am I following on Instagram, you ask?  (Okay fine, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyways.) You should check out these photographers I’ve discovered.  Some of them have blogs and websites you can also get lost in.  It’s like moving picture books for adults with ADHD!

I love Nicole Franzen’s Instagram.  Perhaps ironically, I’ve been receiving emails of her photo blog for months and had no idea it was the same person until I fell into an Internet rabbit hole the other day.  You’d think the connection would have been obvious, but the blog in the email is just called La Buena Vida.  Check them out, but prepare to salivate and want to plan your next exotic trip.  P.S. She has 74K followers, so clearly I am late to hop on the bandwagon.

I am just one of VuTheara Kham’s 602K followers.  602K.  NBD.  (Mom, that means “no big deal.”)  His stuff is primarily of Paris and given my love of all things Paris, it’s pretty much a given I’d be obsessed.  However, his photographs are awesome, regardless whether you’re a francophile.

I also follow Cindy Loughridge (whose Instagram photos are iPhone only), Rick Poon, and Gary Pepper (bitch gets around, literally, her life will make you jealous).

Sorry for the lack of photographs.  I would have included the aforementioned people’s photos, but alas, I wish to avoid infringing on copyrights.  And on that note. . .

© Sarah Milstein 2014





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