Kali Dining, Los Angeles

A good friend and chef, Kevin Meehan, founded Kali Dining a few years back.  It’s a great dining concept based in Los Angeles.  Since it started, I’ve gone at least four times–each time the people, food, location, and experience is different.  Dinners are held either in private residences, the backs of restaurants, back yards, or whatever locale is available, and are generally limited to less than 12 people.  I usually recognize a face or two, or a couple when I go, but sometimes the best ones are with strangers.  I went last Thursday and dinner consisted of seven courses, plus the best home-made baked bread.  You can expect dishes such as the following:

Thursday’s dinner involved the following glutinous feast:

  1. Kumamoto oyster, pork jowl, & radish mignonette;
  2. Deconstructed gazpacho sorbet;
  3. Beef carpaccio, black garlic, blue cheese, & onion bulb;
  4. Yellowtail, melon, fig, fennel, & vanilla;
  5. Risotto with Parmesan crisp;
  6. Lavender cured duck breast & beets; and
  7. Panna cotta with berries.

Check out Kali Dining’s Facebook page here, or book your next private dinner party here.


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