Paris, Semaine 7 (Le Tour de France)

Paris, Semaine 7 (Le Tour de France)

Since I already posted 3 blog entries for this week, I’m going to focus on Le Tour de France.  I went to watch the end of the final stage with friends and their friends who cycled to Paris from England to watch.  Now, I’m pretty clueless about cycling.  I haven’t even ridden a Vélib since I’ve been here.  These guys (and gal), however, knew their stuff, which made for a much more exciting race.

It’s important to get a good view of the riders, even if it means climbing to the top of a tree, or a sign post.  I used the “stand on my tippy toes” approach and hoped for a view.  I should note that it was hot as hell today and the pavement was literally melting to our shoes, so standing on your tippy toes was no easy feat.

For the majority of the time, we watched the riders race around the back of the Arc de Triomphe.  They made numerous laps, which was good because it gave me multiple chances to attempt to capture the moment!  (The moment still appears to be a bit blurry.  Sorry, low lighting and fast movement do not go hand in hand.)

We moved towards the end.  Although we couldn’t see Chris Froome cross the finish line in person from where we were standing, we watched and cheered our asses off when he crossed on the big screen.

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