Paris, Semaine 6, Partie 2

Paris just continues to get better and better.  Although my dear friend and partner in innocuous crime, Claudia, left for Buenos Aires on Saturday, we managed to pack in lots of eating, drinking, laughing, and taking ridiculous photographs, with other friends.  I will spare you the bulk of those pictures.

In case you’re curious what I look like (for the 2 people reading this who don’t know me), this is one of the photos we took: Me as Emma Watson.  I know, my skin and makeup are flawless.

Photography by Claudia Low, styling by Janine Murphy/me.  Underlying photography credit to Lancôme Paris/Vogue Paris, Juin-Juillet 2013.

What did I eat this week?  In all honesty, not so much after the Food Tour.  But I did finally make it to Rose Bakery on Rue Debelleyme which was every bit as good as the reviews say.  Well, almost.  I thought the baked breads (banana and pistachio) were a little overrated (this is not to say that I didn’t clean my plate).  The savory items and lattes, on the other hand, were worth going back for.

They serve large carafes of water and bread that is dark and crusty with a hint of sourdough flavor.  I got a three salad combo and thought it was sort of pricey and small*, but the flavors were huge.  And it turned out to be the perfect portion.  The rice with mushrooms had a rich aromatic mushroomy flavor, the tomato, eggplant, and zucchini dish  (which I was told was not ratatouille) had a hint of Parmesan and was delicious.  My third salad wasn’t as memorable.  In fact, as I am writing this, I forgot what it was.

*I learned when I went to pay that I totally mis-ordered and normally you get a plate of all the salads, so they only charged me half.

In case you’re wondering if I actually buy anything at the Bastille Marché, the answer is yes.  I made this omelet with ingredients exclusively from there.

I also tried on a lot of clothes this week.  If ever you are coming to Paris to shop, now is the time to come.  Sales are state-regulated and only occur twice a year.  For 2013, the summer sale started June 26, 2013 and lasts until July 30, 2013.  The leather jacket that I was eying for a month went on sale for 40% off, and now lives in my teeny tiny closet.  I also scored the black jeans below for 50% off!  (Sorry to bore the male reader(s) out there.)

Finally, although I have yet to go into a museum besides the Musée Rodin, I do go into lots of galleries and stop to look at the street art (graffiti, or whatever you want to call it), like in the photographs below:

Bastille Day photos to come!

© Sarah Milstein 2013


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