Notre Dame & Versailles

Feeling patient?  Head to Notre Dame or Versailles and prepare to wait . . . maybe even for a few hours.  But, you never know, maybe you’ll even meet some interesting people along the way.  A well-traveled couple who brought their granddaughter to Paris kept me company in line, while waiting to climb the tower to the top of Notre Dame, and I spent the morning with an awesome couple on their honeymoon waiting to get into Versailles.  We parted company at the gardens, I figured three’s a crowd.

Notre Dame


© 2013 Sarah Milstein

Food Coma

While I like to stumble on new places to eat, I have been cheating a bit with the help of Timeout and Parisbymouth.

Both blogs recommended Breizh Café (see photos below).  You can check out their reviews here and here.

Parisbymouth actually recommends Georges Larnicol (below), however, I only discovered their review after my nose found the chocolate.

My single photograph of the oysters at Marché Bastille doesn’t really do this massive market any justice.  You can read Timeout’s review here, but really, you should just go yourself.  Really.  But bring a bag, or maybe even a cart.  And be prepared to practice your French!  Vegetable vendors select, weigh, and bag your champignons, tomates, pommes de terre, haricots verts, and pêches.  (However, pointing also works, but where’s the fun in that?)

I discovered the charming, two-part Cantine Merci thanks to Timeout.

The rest of these photographs are of a random splattering of food and/or restaurants.  Some of these have reviews, but sometimes, you just gotta trust your instincts!

© 2013 Sarah Milstein

Paris, Semaine 2

Rodin Musée

Les Invalides

Sights While Wandering

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

© 2013 Sarah Milstein